We love what we do. Since 2000 we have been working with some of the region’s most forward-thinking companies to create measurable results. Our passion comes from their success. We are a full-service design firm offering branding, infographics, digital, and mobile-first marketing solutions. We are Topaz Design.

We are a full-service design firm offering branding, infographics, digital, and mobile-first marketing solutions. We are Topaz Design.

1815 NW Overton Street
Portland, OR 97209

“Their attention to detail, professionalism, and creativity added value to our brand, allowing us to capture the #1 market share position in our core distribution channel.”

Alivia Birdwell
Marketing Coordinator
MOZO Shoes/Decker Outdoor Co.

MOZO Shoes is the sister company to UGG and Teva. Each of these brands understands the importance of capturing the eye of a target audience among dozens of competitors. Topaz Design is MOZO’s full-service design agency and creates everything from print and digital catalogs to tradeshow graphics helping MOZO rise to national recognition in barely a year.

“Topaz is my secret weapon for marketing — the most responsive marketing communications agency I have worked with. I always count on the team for effective execution and on-time delivery.”

Gregg Semler
ceo & co-founder, Lucid Energy

Lucid Energy is a renewable energy provider with the potential to change municipal power distribution worldwide. With its global presence, Lucid has an ongoing need for powerful, professional branding and collateral whose confidence speaks for itself – and is accessible to engineers, policy-makers, and marketing agents alike.

“I consider Topaz Design an extension of the marketing team and the keepers of our brand. They’ve successfully taken our brand across print, web and mobile.”

Maggie Davis
VP of Marketing and Communications
Greater Portland Inc.

Topaz Design could not succeed in its efforts without the partnership and collaboration of its clients. There is no better example than Greater Portland Inc: through the freedom and faith they give us in managing their brand, we are able to provide them with a wide range of professional, cohesive materials that continually push the boundaries of their field. In 2013, we, along with partner agency Storycode, launched GPI work book apps for the iPad and iPhone - groundbreakers in the field.

“Topaz Design helped us present ourselves clearly to a national audience, provide us with simple, easy-to-understand, and elegant graphics from a set of complex, complicated, and messy research. Five stars.”

Rachel Hitch
Agency Partnership Manager
Center for Education Policy Research
at Harvard University

Here at Topaz Design, we love creating brands because it gives us the opportunity to paint a vivid picture of a company’s personality. To re-brand Anchor Restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA, we commissioned a custom illustration from local tattoo artist Dan Gilsdorf, taking inspiration from both the chef’s tattooes and the hand-crafted care that went into every plate served.

“Working with Topaz Design was a true collaboration. They are a great support team.”

Marianne Hyde
Principal, Zakrzewski + Hyde Architects

ZH Architects is a New York architecture firm whose aesthetic is clean and modern. We maximized the use of a digital medium in order to allow the firm’s stunning portfolio to take center stage: full-bleed images, a responsive platform, collapsing menus, and minimal emphasis on text - all ensuring that the work speaks for itself in one gorgeous, immersive experience.

“After Topaz Design rebranded our Herbucha, our sales went up about 20% and almost every new customer tells me that they love my labels. They look special and clean and beautiful.”

Eva Sippl
Owner, Herbucha

When we redesigned Herbucha, we wanted to reposition them in the market without alienating their loyal following. Along with marketing experts Tim Priest and Joscelyn Zell, we were able to double their sales within six months and open up significant distribution spots. Almost three years later their sales continue to grow and their distribution has increased 600%.

“The true confirmation of their great work is when we launched our site. People were describing it using the exact words that we had conveyed to Topaz as our goals at the beginning of the project — amazing, spot-on execution.”

Molly Lindquist ceo & co-founder, consano

Our goals are to work with clients we enjoy and projects that we respect. Whether or not we are successful is measured not only by the numbers but also by the satisfaction both we and our clients get from working together.

Of course, the numbers don’t hurt either - Consano raised over $100,000 in the first year after we launched their website.

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